Panadol Extra is a safe and worldwide pain killer and antipyretic for people application

Postponed operation, a migraine attack, a malignant tumor or fracture – an intolerable pain can occur for various reasons. Painkillers are prescribed to people experiencing severe pain syndrome. Previously, the doctor conducts an examination, the results of the analysis help determine the cause of the pain. Pain syndrome, requiring the use of analgesics, according to pain relief reviews can occur as a result of the following reasons: toothache, in the postoperative period, muscular pain, back pain, with pain in the joints – both in the hands and in the legs, with fractures, bruises and strong sprains, oncology, neuralgia, painful periods (dysmenorrhea), painful menstruation. Panadol is a pain relief medicine that has a non-steroidal, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory effect on the patient’s body. The action of the active component of Paracetamol is aimed at lowering the high body temperature, providing an analgesic effect. Due to the large number of produced forms, the medicine can be taken not only by an adult, but also by babies from the first month of life.

How does Panadol Extra work?

Panadol Extra drug class is analgesics and antipyretics from the anilide group, has antipyretic effect. The drug includes two components, one of them is Paracetamol, it blocks the so-called cyclooxygenase in the central nervous system, affects both the pain center and the center of thermoregulation. The second active ingredient of the pharmaceutical is Caffeine, it is a stimulant, it affects the psychomotor centers located in the brain, stimulating them, in addition, it has an analeptic effect, eliminates the increased drowsiness, increases the effectiveness of analgesics, relieves fatigue, and also increases mental performance , as well as physical activity. Is Panadol Extra a narcotic? It is non-narcotic pain relief medication taken by many people.  After oral administration, the medication is quickly absorbed into the digestive tract, the maximum plasma concentration is observed for 30-120 minutes. It acts in 30-40 minutes after application, and the temperature will decrease faster if you take the medicine orally, with rectal administration, the temperature decreases slowly, but the action lasts longer. Remedy is excreted by the kidneys after 2-3 hours.

What are the indications for Panadol Extra?

Persons buy Panadol Extra online for medicinal purposes in the following cases:

-pain sensation in the waist;

-acute toothache;


-painful menstruation;


-muscle and rheumatic pain.

In addition, humans use often Panadol Extra migraine medicine. Back pain relief medicine is also prescribed for flu and colds as a symptomatic treatment.

What are the contraindications for Panadol Extra?

Panadol Extra over the counter tablets are not allowed to be used for medicinal purposes in the following cases:

-sleep disturbance;



-liver function;

-renal damage of the marked nature;

-arterial hypertension;

-hypersensitiveness to drug substances;

-age up to 12 years.

Do not prescribe pills at the same time as other paracetamol-containing pharmaceuticals. With caution, medication is prescribed for benign hyperbilirubinemia, viral hepatitis, in pregnancy, glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency, breastfeeding, alcoholism.

What are the undesirable effects of Panadol Extra?

In recommended doses, medicament is tolerated fairly well only in rare cases, taking tablets can cause several Panadol side effects: allergic reactions, tachycardia, skin rashes are observed, leukopenia, itching, thrombocytopenia, Quincke’s edema, in addition, methemoglobinemia. Other adverse reactions to the administration of medicine may be expressed as nausea, agranulocytosis, epigastric pain, hemolytic anemia, sleep disturbance is not excluded. In addition, with prolonged use in high doses, the development of hepatotoxic and nephrotoxic action is possible, as well as the possible attachment of pancytopenia.

Is it possible to use Panadol Extra during pregnancy?

Instruction to the preparations does not prohibit the admission to pregnant women, but it indicates the obligatory observance of precautionary measures. Numerous clinical studies have shown the absence of teratogenic effects and complete safety for the course of Panadol Extra pregnancy. However, the fact that the substance still penetrates the placenta and into the breast milk, makes it necessary to carefully weigh the pros and cons of taking the drug in each specific case. Therefore, the decision on the treatment of medicament during pregnancy should be left to the discretion of the doctor, because only an expert is able to assess and correlate the existing risks for the future of the child with the intended benefit for the woman.