Tramadol is a strong opioid analgesic used to relieve pain syndromes of different origin

Pain is the most unpleasant sensation experienced by a person. It can be an independent problem, accompany trauma and surgical intervention, or be one of the symptoms of chronic diseases-such as rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. It is important to note that chronic pain, regardless of the cause of its appearance, is a threat to the life of the patient. Any pain requires a response. People use lower back pain relief medicine to remove unpleasant symptoms. But the pain is chronic, intolerable, like some cancer patients, may not respond to the usual analgesics. This forces us to take extremely strong analgesic such as Tramadol.

Mechanism of action and main properties of Tramadol 

Tramadol is an opioid analgesic with a central mechanism of action. It is a non-selective complete agonist of μ-, δ- and k-opioid receptors with a high affinity for μ-opioid receptors. The second mechanism of action of medication, which enhances its analgesic effect, is the suppression of norepinephrine reuptake by neurons and increased release of serotonin. Medicine has antitussive action. In therapeutic doses it does not depress respiration and practically does not affect the bowel motility. Influence on the cardiovascular system is weakly expressed. With prolonged use of preparation, tolerance to its action may be developed. The action of Tramadol for nerve pain develops 15-30 minutes after application, the duration of the analgesic action is up to 6 hours. After penetration into the bloodstream Tramadol begins to affect the activity of the nervous system. It inhibits pain impulses and stimulates opioid receptors in the brain and spinal cord. As a result, a person has pain relief. The use of the drug for its intended purpose and compliance with the recommendations of the doctor, rarely leads to side effects. Does Tramadol cause constipation? Exceeding the therapeutic dose causes drug intoxication and related side effects: retardation; hallucinations, cardiopalmus, dizziness. Tramadol online overnight has a powerful analgesic effect. The effect of the medication begins almost immediately after administration inward or parenterally and lasts a long time.

When does Tramadol help?

Indications for use of Tramadol online prescription are strong pain associated with:

-exacerbation of internal diseases, in the first place, diseases of vascular and inflammatory etiology;

-growth of malignant formations in the body;

-physical trauma (mainly fractures);

-the manifestation of neuralgia;

-postoperative period;

-various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

What is Tramadol used for too? It has been shown that the drug reduces severe and moderate pain in the treatment of osteoarthritis of large joints as well as Diclofenac or Mobic online.

What can happen when taking Tramadol?

Using analgesic, undesirable long term side effects of Tramadol can occur, including:

-violation of coordination of movements, confusion, problems with sleep;

-disorders of the digestive tract (flatulence, abdominal pain);

-hives in the form of rashes on the skin;

-delay or frequency of urination;

-impaired vision;

-headaches and dizziness;

-in women – menstrual cycle disorder;

-the appearance of a tremor;


-development of amnesia;



-difficulty swallowing.

The incidence of adverse reactions increases with an increase in the duration of the medication. With prolonged application of Tramadol max dose, patients can become drug dependent. About all negative effects, it is necessary to report to the treating physician.

Contra-indications to the use of Tramadol

Before the appointment of medication, a specialist must know the medical history of the patient, including an understanding of the presence of central nervous system disorders, breathing problems, chronic kidney and liver diseases, and severe physical trauma. Also information about cases of drug addiction or alcoholism in the family should be studied by a doctor. There are many contraindications and Tramadol is prohibited for use in the following diseases and conditions: acute alcohol intoxication, epileptic syndrome, functional disorders of the kidneys and liver, reception of means, depressing effect on the nervous system, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, age to two years. In addition, remedy is prescribed only in extreme cases to children and adolescents under 14 years, as well as patients older than 60 years.

Tramadol and special instructions

In elderly patients, Tramadol is used with extended time intervals. With caution and under the supervision of a physician, the medicament should be used for patients with impaired renal and hepatic function, with craniocerebral trauma, increased intracranial pressure, epilepsy, and people with drug dependence for opioids. Under careful medical supervision and in reduced doses it should be used against the background of the means for anesthesia, hypnotics and psychotropic drugs. Tramadol in combination with Mobic reviews drug interactions. Remedy should not be combined with narcotic analgesics due to poor predictability of the interaction effect. Against the background of long-term use of carbamazepine, the effect of tablets may be weaker. It is not recommended to use Tramadol and alcohol together. When using medicament, you should not drive a car or perform other work that requires special attention.