Tramadol release form, dosage and interactions with medicines

Tramadol refers to powerful opioid analgesics. Its effect on the central nervous system and the spinal cord is the active substance blocks the pain impulse. Remedy can be ordered in pain relief store online. Strong analgesic effect from the use of the drug occurs quickly (within 15-20 minutes) and persists for a long time (up to 6 hours). Individuals have an opportunity to buy Tramadol online without prescription. When used in therapeutic doses, medicine does not adversely affect the hematopoiesis system, but may slightly slow the bowel motility. In addition, the drug shows a weak sedative and antitussive effect.


Release options


Humans order Tramadol online in the following forms:

-tablets and capsules (50 and 100 mg);

-rectal suppositories (100 mg);

-drops for oral administration;

-solution for injection (in ampoules).

Each form of the preparation contains Tramadol hydrochloride as an active ingredient and a number of auxiliary substances, the composition of which depends on the form of the preparation.


Dosage of Tramadol and method of reception


Only with the appointment of the attending physician it is allowed to take Tramadol for pain. The daily norm of the drug is selected, individually based on the clinical picture of the patient. A single dose depends on the intensity of the pain syndrome and the patient’s sensitivity to the drug. Tramadol dosage should not be taken for a long time, you need to strictly adhere to the dose that is necessary for therapy. If long-term treatment is unavoidable, then it is necessary to evaluate the general condition of the patient and the consequence that may occur against the background of long-term use of the drug. Adults and children over 14 years of age are prescribed 50 mg orally. If there is no improvement from one pill, then to increase the effect of anesthesia, you can repeat the reception of the pill in half an hour. With unbearable pain, you can drink 100 mg once. The effect of anesthesia persists to 8 hours. During the day, the amount of consumed tablets must reach a maximum of 400 mg. In elderly people with liver and kidney disorders, if there is an indication for prescribing the preparation, then the intervals between doses should be increased. For the entire time of treatment, you should not drive or perform difficult work that requires special attention. Do not take medication together with NSAIDs including Diclofenac generic. Tablets are swallowed whole, washed down with any liquid. The appearance of Tramadol side effects depends on the duration of the medication. With prolonged use in large doses, the patient may become addicted to the medicament, which is highly undesirable.


Is Tramadol contra-indicated during pregnancy?


Tramadol in pregnancy is contraindicated. In cases of extreme necessity, it should be limited to a single dose of the medicine. Tramadol, administered before or during childbirth, does not affect uterine contractility. In newborns, there may be a slowing of breathing, which is clinically insignificant. Do not take during lactation. However, after taking a single dosage of the drug, there is usually no need to interrupt breastfeeding.


Interaction with other medicines


-The opioid analgesic should not be taken with drugs like Diclofenac reviews, Indomethacin, Diazepam, Nitroglycerin. They are incompatible.

-The effect of the medicine decreases when it is taken together with inducers of metabolic enzymes.

-Regular intake of barbiturates, namely phenobarbital also reduces the effect of Tramadol. Cross tolerance can occur with prolonged use of barbiturates or opioid analgesics.

-The effect of drugs that have an overwhelming central nervous system can be enhanced by medicament.

-Plasma concentration of tablets is increased if co-administered with quinidine.

Additional information


Tramadol should not be used against the background of anesthesia, taking sleeping pills or psychotropic drugs. In elderly patients, the interval between taking regular doses of the medication should be increased. For patients with pathologies of the liver, kidneys, hypertension, craniocerebral trauma, propensity to epilepsy or drug dependence, the doctor chooses the dose individually and monitors the patient’s condition during treatment. In the process of therapy, Tramadol alcohol intake should be excluded, since ethanol enhances the oppressive effect of the drug on the central nervous system. Is Tramadol dangerous? For the entire time of treatment with medicine, patients should not drive or perform difficult work that requires special attention.